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Warm Friendship and The Airedale

Two friends recently sent me pictures of their completed new rugs that they began in March. As another friend that hooks with them said (in loving jest), “Someone’s being an over-achiever.” I’m in awe of them!

Both of these rugs pay tribute to the importance of friendship in its many forms. The patterns are:

“Warm Friendship”, planned and hooked by Glenna Bailey, Missouri, 43″ X 78,” is adapted from an old, scrappy rug that reads: “Warm Friendship Like the Golden Sun Sheds Kindly Light on Everyone.” Glenna and two of her hooking buddies are each hooking it together in celebration of their long and close friendship. This is a wonderful keepsake and tribute to a love of rug hooking shared by these three friends.

Warm Friendship Glenna Bailey

“The Airedale”, planned and hooked by Delores Bush, Missouri, 24″ X 36,” is adapted from a 1920′s pattern. The original was hooked in greens and oranges, colors evocative of the art deco period. The design and lovely palette that Delores chose for her rug beautifully express affection for a beloved pet and a rug hooker’s best friend.

Airedale Delores Bush

Both “Warm Friendship” and “The Airedale” patterns are available for ordering through the web site. I also have several other new patterns ready to release, just in time for spring and summer camps. These are adaptations of early rugs, all drawn to the estimated original size, and are available now. If you’re interested and have any questions, please contact me.

  • Eagle with Two Heart-shaped Shields: a patriotic theme with a hit and miss background.
  • Sheep in the Meadow with Trees and Arch: the original was hooked tone on tone in ecru, cream, warm tans and golds.
  • Libby Prison Blood Hound: features a dog that doesn’t look a bit like a blood hound, from the civil war-era prison in Missouri.
  • Wreath with Birds and Trees Runner: from a very early rug featured in the Kopp book. Lovely design motifs! The original was shown in oranges and blues. A friend is hooking it in dark blues and browny-reds. I’d like to try it in light greens on a cream background.
  • Domestic Zoo by Magadalena Briner.
  • Two Horses with Tree and Birds, from the Helen and Stephen Kellogg folk art collection.
  • Kit and Tony: Two horses with Big Stars; another Magdalena-style background with red, purple, green and tan stars. Really fun to hook!

And there’s more in the works! I look forward to sharing these with you.




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